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Friday, July 18th, 2008
9:28 pm
Caution...Futuristic Specualtion & Musing
Since I am currently unemployed for the summer I have had copious free time to do some reading. After reading most of an online article about the end of oil I became somewhat interested in learning more. So I went to my local library….

Currently I am reading a sci- fi book by James Howard Kunstler, " World Made By Han" It is considered fiction but gives a pretty good picture, I think, of what society would probably be like once we really do run out of oil and if there are disturbances based on environmental change and disease.Things are pretty much back to local, agrarian life. Some thugs salvage the town dump, there is no organized gov. or law enforcement, and a wealthy local farmer hires a bunch of people who live on and work his land in return for food and shelter. Not to sound negative and apocalyptic but it got me to thinking...what can I do to prepare...how would I survive?

I was reminded of how in college some friends and I used to joke the SCA would take over the world...but maybe its not so much of a joke after all. It got me to thinking how much of everything I use and take for granted every day in my life is tied to oil. Almost everything.

I have none of the survival skills my great grandmother had 100 years ago. My grandmother grew up in the late 40's an 50's in a house with no running water and no electricity. My great gram caned all their veggies and fruits right there from the farm on a wood fired stove. She and had a huge organic garden. My great gramps plowed and hayed the fields with a team of draft horses because he didn't trust cars. The family land was also used for lumber and maple sugar. There are even the remains of an old saw mill on sight.

They were pretty much self sufficient. My great gram even did the laundry for nine children in a wash tub with a scrub board...not saying I'd want to do that but still...she was a hearty woman. I deeply regret that I was born too late to have really gotten to know her or, even more so, learn some of these skills. All of the children moved away from the farm and when my great gram died it was sold to some religious sect or commune in VT. At least it wasn't subdivided. My sister and I dream of being able to get it back someday.

In light of possible upcoming global environmental, political and societal upheaval based on an oil shortage, the self sufficient life that my great grandmother lived seems mighty appealing and will probably end up being the norm

I am also reading “Radical Simplicity” By. Jim Merkel a guy who lives on $5,000 a year by consuming less. It’s a great guide about how to reduce your Environmental Footprint and voluntary simplicity, kind of like Henry David Theauru but with more math and scientific calculation.

Anyway, after that large rant I'm interested in meeting with others and learning some skills like gardening and just hearing more about self sufficient country life. Any suggestions on resources books, people or otherwise that don’t cost a lot of money? Dang, too bad the school I worked at this past year wasn't around for me to go to when I was a kid because in addition to the 3Rs we also taught organic gardening, wilderness shelter construction and community building skills..

Current Mood: pensive
Monday, March 10th, 2008
8:52 pm
Quick, a teacher is coming!
When you hear the phrase, "quick a teacher's coming!" uttered by a group of students it is usually an indicator that you should investigate. While on my way back from lunch break I encountered the fifth and sixth grade clustered outside because there was still a teachers meeting in their room. To pass the time they decide to throw each others things and leftover lunch over the porch railing and take turns jumping over said railing to retrieve them even though they weren't wearing shoes. Gotta give them points for creativity.

As a staff member i was obliged to break up said gathering and herd them all into the 3/4 room until the end of the meeting.

While in aftercare I was treated to another stunning performance of the armpit chorus. A creative trio of boys between ages six and 10 entertained me with their rendition of pink panther and some bits of Beethoven. As it was after school hours I permitted such rudeness that otherwise is not allowed...it was too funny. The one who takes violin lessons was even trying to figure out if they could make actual notes...

Its moments like this that I'll miss. We have been doing academic rotations in which I lead small groups with literacy, spelling and writing. So fun! Did forget how to explain what a suffix was today though. Dropped the ball on that one. Otherwise it has been very rewarding working with the small groups. But without the stress of putting together lesson plans.

In other news, planning a pub night this Saturday at http://ceilidhhouse.net/ for my birthday (which is this wed.) and St.Patrick's day.

I just finished watching the movie "Once" the song that won the oscar is from this movie. It was more like an album with pictures than a movie, but I really like the falling slowly song.

Current Mood: happy
Saturday, February 2nd, 2008
10:46 pm
No business like show business
Just got back from the second night of my church's production of the musical "Tobit", from the book of Tobit, found in the apocrypha of the Catholic bible. It was written by a priest who started out as a stage actor before committing to a life of the cloth. It was inspired by Godspell and Fiddler.

It tells the story of Tobit, (obviously) who goes blind in a rather comical way and his son's ensuing journey to retrieve the family fortune.

It is a pretty funny show but also has some touching moments and the cast really carries the show well. Which we didn’t think would happen because things looked rather grim up until the dress rehearsals when everything came together.

It has been a crazy week with work and dress rehearsals but I really had a good time. My main responsibility is props and scene changes with the other thechies. We all dance in the wings during the final song with all the halleluiahs. So fun! I had forgotten how much I really liked being part of the theater. Originally I wanted to do costumes, which I was more familiar but it was fun to learn something new. I almost wish this could be my real job!! As they say, ' No business like show business' hehe...

Also it has been nice getting to know some people from the church. All ages are helping with and in the show. Proceeds got to benefit the youth group in a trip they are taking this summer.

It sold out tonight! The show went awesome! I noticed it had a bit less energy in some places but I really don't think it mattered. The crowd loved it and we had a blast. Only one matinee left. Kind of sad. What will I do with myself now that it’s over :(

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
7:51 pm
Fleeing the nest....and the state.
So my brother dropped a bomb shell on us all. Apparently he is moving to Chicago with his girlfriend this Friday. I am rather surprised, but he is a big boy and can make his own choices. My mom though, is rather devastated. More because he has been planning this for a few months and didn't say anything to her except to tell her this past weekend. Craziness. We have never been particularly close but I do hope he is ok. He will be living in Mexican neighborhood and he doesn’t really speak Spanish. I guess my mom feels like she is losing her only son, even though I don't think he will stay out there.

So now it’s just me and my little sis in the state of NH because my other sister is in Alabama. Listening to Todd Almond on the piano. I wish his CD would come back in stock. Anyone know where I can get a copy of "Try to hear, try to say" by Todd Almond?

In school today we made corn starch slime with water, also known as oblick for Science. The kids had a blast and he room was covered with the stuff. We had a marathon cleaning session in the last fifteen minutes of class and earned 12 marbles. (That’s a lot for us). It was so crazy but also so fun! Why would I want any other job?

Oh and I voted and found the right ward for the city...so exciting.

Current Mood: pensive
Sunday, December 23rd, 2007
12:47 pm
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In August I helped jedilora hide a body (-173 points). In September I bought porn for hakerh (-10 points). In June I pulled crimsonazure's hair (-5 points). Last Saturday I ruled Asscrackistan as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points). Last Monday I turned ladybugus in for tearing the tag off a mattress (3 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-885 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Haha, I like this one better!
12:45 pm
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In November I punched ladybugus in the arm (-10 points). In October I bought porn for jedilora (-10 points). In February I gave crimsonazure a Dutch Oven (-10 points). In July I stole hakerh's purse (-30 points). Last Thursday I donated bone marrow to hakerh in a life-saving procedure (300 points).

Overall, I've been nice (240 points). For Christmas I deserve a toy train!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

No fair I wanted to rule Asscrackistan!!!

Current Mood: silly
Tuesday, December 11th, 2007
8:40 pm
Christmas Pagents and such....
Just got back from the church Christmas pageant/ Holiday concert. Nothing like the sound of a bunch of elementary students who just learned to play jingle bells on various instraments to get you in the holiday spirit...hehe...reminds me of playing my recorder back in the day.

It was fun to see them do the Christmas story. While I flashed back to all my Christmas pageants. I think my favorite was when I got to be Mary...other than that I was usually stuck in the choir mouthing all the words....ahh, fun times. Nearly fell down the very steep and high church steps on my way out...luckily there was only one other person around to see me...hehe.

At work today as the kids finished getting ready to go home they were gathering to sit on the carpet in a closing circle. As we were sitting there waiting for the rest of the group somehow we started talking about Night at the Museum. We all then got involved in play by plays of our favorite scenes...it was quite comical and a good laugh was had by all.

13 more days till Christmas!

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, November 20th, 2007
4:44 pm
First Snow!!!!!!!!! and Happy Thanksgiving!
Its days like today that I am glad that I work in a charter school and with kids in general. It snowed about three or four inches today, starting right around the same time as school. There’s something about that excitement about the first snow that is contagious I remember it from when I was little.
being the day before vacation we had a pretty light day so at morning recess I let the kid have a snowball fight, as long as they didn't aim for the face. It was too funny!

At recess a bunch of kid made a huge snowman. It was just nice to see them all coming together and having such fun. Later in the day after we did some Creative Drama!!!!!!!! yay! the Kids loved it. I did a lot of it in college and its been a long time since I have done a real focused set of activities with a willing group.

Last of the day was fort building in the woods, something we have been dong with the first and second class since the start of the fall. The kids had a blast...sliding down the hill on their butts. They made a huge snowball and rolled it down he hill to explode by the stone wall.

This was one of those days where I was so glad to have my job in the type of school that I work at.

Happy 12th to my little sis today!! off to my folks tomorrow to help with the Tofurky day prep!!

Current Mood: grateful
Friday, November 2nd, 2007
7:35 pm
while the teacher is away...
Halloween was such a let down, I only got about three groups of trick or treaters. I expected much more because we were in the city and there is a
School right up the street. When I lived in Stratham we ran out of candy. I still had a huge bowl, even after leaving it on my steps unattended for an hour...hmmm. A friend called me up and invited me to their place so I went to check that out for a while, they had a cool haunted entrance way and yard. Their son even made one girl cry....

At school Halloween was much more fun. We all wore costumes after lunch and I got to showcase my new Elizabethan common woman garb for the first time. I was so proud to finally have finished. And it proves just as comfortable and serviceable as I had hoped. Bodices really do force you to have correct posture...it was so nice to go bra les. I wish I could wear bodices all the time....hehe..The kids thought it was cool, though they didn't really know what an Elizabethan person was, but they did understand the idea that it was historical clothing. Our class did skits with our costume characters and then e did some spooky story telling and had a treat. Last of the day was the spook parade....so fun!

Today I was the sub as the teacher was out sick. It was half expected and she leaves great lesson plans. But we were loosing two students today and as the classes are small to begin with this is a big dent in our community. It was an unexpected move for all and so the effects were being felt today. One of the boys leaving really gave me a run for my money because it was his last day he was like, why should I listen to you or do anything you say…His brother, also leaving with him was so good. The morning was great but the afternoon was atrocious.

Compared to my old job it was nothing I couldn't handle and the teacher next door and the office staff were helping too. But gosh... I'm still glad I'm not the official "teacher". The afternoon was loud and crazy and I realized that I could have done a few little things differently but they also know how to listen and what to do by now.

I think part of the craziness was the two students leaving and emotions over that, they and their good friend were crying at the closing circle, broke my heart... The friend left has been going through some other hard times too. I really felt bad for the guy. One good thing is though that at least these kids understand things when you need to talk to them and I felt bad for the ones who were really good and did what I asked....while the rest of the class was running around the room like maniacs and they were cleaning the huge mess left from our end of day projects...but eventually we got cleaned up and we all survived.

I am kind of proud of myself. I finally feel like I am getting to know the students and getting a handle on things.

Until now I have been rather quiet in the class as the teacher is usually talking and I'm talking with students on an individual basis. Today when I finally raised my voice you should have seen the look on their faces....they were like "we don't like when you yell (in my defense, I was raising my voice to get attention over the absolute ruckus, which they did understand and responded too..." and I said "neither do I but I don't know how else to get your attention” later on in the day I had to raise my voice again to halt the clean up chaos and regroup everyone on the carpet and one girl says…”everyone listen she’s getting frustrated.” I guess they realized I meant business...pays to save my firm teacherness for when its really needed.....

Hoping to see the new "Elizabeth" movie in VT this weekend and read "The Kite Runner."

Send me thanksgiving cards....my mail box is lonely.

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007
7:58 pm
What Do You Have To Say? - Fashion: On The Set
Lord of the Rings Trlogy!!!!!!!! All the way. I was really impressed with the quality of the props and costumes when I saw the traveling exhibit in Boston.
Saturday, October 13th, 2007
8:59 pm
avoid Saturday walmart like the plauge
I was reminded today why I try to avoid doing my shopping on the weekend. However my empty cupboards drove me to the grocery store. Since I was out and also needed a few household items I decided to stop by "you know which superstore" with the unbelievably low prices on stuff you need everyday like toilet paper and eye drops and other such stuff....

In my defense I had made a list prior to and did not deviate from said list!! (Clapping & cheering from the crowd) This is a big feat for me!

However while trying to purchase all my items I had to try and locate them, not get run over by crazed people driving shopping carts and not looking where they are going. Do people not realize its kind of the same as driving a car, there is a flow to the traffic...In addition I had to stave of the ADD and not look at the isles of candy and cool Halloween props. Almost ran over a kid who jumped into a shopping cart and bumped into an old lady who was standing right behind me but jus tout of my peripheral vission...very quiet like. Luckily she was friendly and we both just smiled and said excuse me.

The frenzied, stressed out energy of the place is amazing. I swear there is, like, a vortex and it just sucks all the kindness and tolerance I have for my fellow man right out of my. I cannot make rational decisions...I just want to ram people with my shopping cart and run up and down the aisle screaming....hehe...I don't know how I ever handle Christmas...maybe its the Christmas spirit in the air..hmmmm....

I did survive and I used my perfected technique of parking my cart on the side of the main isles. In aisles and then dodging and weaving my way through to get what I want. Then I don't have to worry about steering the car through throngs of people not looking where they are going and blocking stuff.

Coming out of those aisles, man though,....like running into traffic during rush hour...excpet you can’t see around you....need mirrors on them things or something....at least I'm stocked up for the next two weeks.

Current Mood: amused
Friday, October 12th, 2007
8:51 pm
Favorite Things
Feeling a bit Julie Andrews....hehe...The students have been working on their writing journals and I was inspired. I'm also makeing a personal effort to feel less sorry for myself and have a more positive out. I have compiled a small list of things that I recently realized that I really like...and do may me happy.

1. The smell of coffee brewing first thing in the morning.

2. Looking out the window during the rain and feeling glad that I'm not in it.

3. The crisp fall air.

4. Small moments of humor that I remember from my job at CMS. Like that Time J. was on a new diet for gluten allergy and we were working out what was ok and what not to eat and he told me "sorry Tiffany, but I can't eat that broccoli, it has gluten in it."

5. makeing other's laugh.

6. Singing along to musicals...by myself of course..hehe.
Ok...enough of that.

Also almost finished my Elizabethan common woman garb! Huzzah!

Current Mood: contemplative
Friday, September 21st, 2007
11:01 pm
Adult Life
When I was in grade school I used to wonder what it was like to be a grown up. Great, I thought. I could stay up as late as I want. Buy the food that I want. There will be no end to the fun that I will have. I never imagined that the big excitement of my Friday night would be cleaning my bathroom and going grocery shopping.

The past few times I have been to large super markets and super stores, such as say, Target I have more sympathy for my students with ADD.

Be it the clever marketing or just the fact that my brain is fried from work but I have been completely unable to focus on the task at hand and find my eyes and attention flying all over the place.

Made the deadly mistake of looking into the ice cream freezer, even though I swore that I wouldn’t. Honest! I intended to be a good girl and just buy the bag of frozen vegetables on my list. But there it was. Seasonal Special on Eddy’s Pumpkin flavored ice cream. I stood there a good five minutes debating the decision but the ice cream finally won.

I was also taken in by a box of little Debbie pumpkin delights and some pumpkin muffins in the bakery case. In my defense I also bought tofu, fresh veg and salad for my suppers this week. Along with some yummy cilantro pepper humus…mmmmm…

I am such a sucker for seasonal items during the fall and holidays.

Renn Faire in Keene tomorrow…Huzzah!

Alas, I did not finish my Elizabethan garb in time
Sunday, September 9th, 2007
11:10 am
Relaxing Weekend
Hanging around my parent's house with my little sis. My other sister and my folks have successfully made it to Alabama. Apparently the apartment complex she lives in is wonderful, nice and clean, and the area is nice. I'd love to try and visit her over one of the school vacations. Anyone have any frequent flyer miles I could barter for? Alabama isn't one of those places you usually think of when planing a vacation, but there must be something interesting down there, besides the obvious cultural differences.

My parents will fly back tomorrow. In their absence. my sister and I have enjoyed a quiet weekend of video game binging, junk food and staying up late...hehe...what are older sisters for right?

The new job is wonderful. I start after school care this week but that is only for three days a week. The kids are all so wonderful. I just need to work on my confidence and trusting my instincts. This first week was more getting the lay of the land. Had a rather embarrassing moment when I was in the 5-6 room, supposed to help students with math. The teacher was going over the lesson and all the students are so much faster and better at math than me. Seriously! I was just glad that I was helping with logic problems and not computations in my head. The teacher is trying to teach them a new way to practice doing sums in their heads instead of using algorithms, it really is neat. Where was this when I was learning math? I have considered buying a work book or something, just to brush up...hehe. I feel much more useful in the 3-4 room in this department...hehe

As the weeks go on I am sure I will figure out how I can assist the teachers and where I fit in. I will say as an aid it is a bit harder to get to know the students because I don't work with them one to one like I did,but that will come.

New horse is settling in and the chickens are somewhat bald with the fall molting. The cat decided to stay out in the thunderstorm yesterday...I could hear her desperate cries from under the house when I called her but she didn't want to risk getting wet to come in. Got lost trying to find my bros apartment. He just got a chinchilla....so cute.

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, August 29th, 2007
9:55 pm
Grad School on Hold
After a few days of gut wrenching, agonized decision making I have pretty much decided to hold off on grad school for a year and take a job I was offered at a charter school.

It doesn’t have benefits or paid holidays/ vacations but the director is going to see if some arrangement can be made with the board and the pay for when I am working is a little bit more than what I was making at CMS so it is my hope that I can put some aside to make up for those times. Once summer comes I'll have to find something to tide me over, but the experience I will get will be worth it.

The school is run in accordance with the Integrated Learning philosophy and all four of the teachers are Antioch alums. Go figure.

I did go to the orientation Tuesday and sighed up for classes. The faculty and other students are wonderful. This is a great school and I still believe in the program. But my reservations at this point were more deeply personal. As I went through the day and tried to imagine being a teacher, running a class and fully realizing the shitty aspects as well as the wonderful about teaching I had some serious doubts as to if I was ready to commit tot his being my career. Since it is a rather expensive mistake to make if I end up with a career that I am not suited for and a master’s degree to pay off.

I want to be in school and to be a teacher for the right reasons. The passion and excitement that was in my heart when I first applied is no longer there. I think it’s more than nerves that usually come with such a transition.

Perhaps it’s having the summer off. Or realizing that what I really needed was to leave CMS. But I am putting school on hold until next fall. The job seems like a good way to gain more experience and hopefully rekindle the excitement and hope that I had about teaching but without the financial risk.

When I think about taking the job I get a sense of peace. Maybe because I dodged the homework bullet? But I will still be able to help students as an aid, and be part of a school that embraces my educational philosophy, but without the expense of masters. Still I can’t shake the feeling that maybe I am missing out on something by not doing this. Am I selling myself short? Am I coping out?

I guess it just goes to show how much someone can change in a year.

Other things to work on this year:

1. Exercising more consistently.

2. Going to the reading group at the library. It looks neat but my feeling is it will be a bunch of gray haired folks and I would feel rather silly going without a friend.

3. Find a church group to join.

4. Reading more "intellectual" books.

Current Mood: drained
Saturday, August 25th, 2007
10:12 pm
Just got back from watching "Becoming Jane" it was really good, great garb! I so want a 19thc. Dress! (and maybe a lover to boot..hehe) Though I fear I don't have the figure. Still I have always wanted to try wearing a real corset, just to see what its like.

I knew little about Jane Austin's life and am now curious to read a biography about her to find out more. Of course I've read and enjoy her novels, and those of you who have will notice little tid bits in the movie, though if you have just seen the movies I think you will still recognize the lines from the most famous works. of...ehem..Colin Firth fame.

On a personal note, I find myself at a crossroads. I got a call this week from the Surry Village Charter School. It is about 15 minutes from my house and pays well. Though it is just an aid position it is a wonderful school! They embrace integrated learning, and have a wonderful, hands on, community based curriculum. I love the school! I have an interview Monday.

That then leaves me with grad school. The orientation for which is on Tuesday. Hmm...quite a choice. Two years spent in anticipation, preparing, applying, taking the GRE. My reservations at this stage are largely personal. Do I really want the stress and social responsibility of being a teacher? Do I have the confidence and courage to give the students what they will need? I refuse to become a teacher half ass.

In hindsight what I really wanted was out of my old job. Now I have that with prospects of a better paying, better environment job. Or are my reservations due to my lack of experience as an educator and leader and just general fear that usually comes with such a transition? Or is the universe trying to tell me something? Am I squandering my talent and potential out of fear and a desire to keep my free time. Needless I've been doing a lot of pacing and contemplating.

I can defer enrollment to Antioch for up to a year. And if I did get the job at the school it would be a great experience and confidence builder, at no financial risk, because I'd be paid, unlike in internship.

If anyone has any comments or advice, feel free...

In other news, my sister is moving to Alabama and my parents just bought another horse, excuse me, family member, her name is Ruby. Seems to be the season for big changes....

ps- The third season of Doctor Who rocks!!!!

Current Mood: nervous
Monday, August 20th, 2007
8:29 pm
Too much free time
I sometimes amaze myself with my penchant for laziness. Without someplace to be or someone to meet I really do tend to flap in the wind.

What I did today.

1. Woke up to the lovely construction at 7am.

2. Lazed in bed another hour.

3. Had coffee and watched the Ellen show...yay!

4. Did abs exercises and Pilates.

5. Took long walk on nature trail and around suburbs of city.

6. Ate leftover Chinese.

7. Channel surfed...finally settled on re runs of voyager that I had already seen but it was a preferred episode.

8. Put old fifties chair on curb with free sign. (I got an office chair to replace it, now regretting decision because the fifties chair was vintage but the legs were broken and it was uncomfortable) still it was a gift from my mum when I graduated and first moved out and I feel like i slighted it somehow...anyhow.

9. Laid around and listened to audio books.

10. Took nap (after such a strenuous day.....hehe)

11. Went to target to get risotto. oogled all the popular fantasy books...made mental list of ones to borrow form library.

12. Got back to apartment my chair was gone :(

13. Had a glass of wine and listened to depressing music by damine rice.

14. Take shower, change to pjs...

15. Sit on bed with laptop and for want of anything else, meditate and update live journal.

sometimes I have way to much free time....like today. I feel almost sinful with how much i actually enjoy wasting entire days. Think of all the productive, worthy things I could have been dong. Finishing that garb and scrap book. writing congress...

It also sometimes unnerves me that I can go an entire day without really speaking to anyone, because I live alone. And how accustomed I get to having no one around. Lonely. Kind of creepy but its kind of easy to get lost in my own head on days like toady.

Current Mood: bored
Friday, August 10th, 2007
9:57 pm
Changeing Times
I went to visit my old students at CMS today. It was so wonderful to be so warmly welcomed. I had received a phone message from one of the girls earlier in the week and I figured I should stop by before I started classes. Go figure they actually really missed me! It was totally the encouragement I needed to proceed with getting my masters. To know that I really did make a difference for them. I listened to all the old songs with H. To the end of my days I will not be able to listen to "the chicken dance" without thinking of her and J.
It was also nice to see some of the staff that I was friendly with. While it was nice to visit I am glad that I am no longer working there. I am 100% happier! I have been working the summer camp at the preschool where my mom works. The kids are so wonderful! After the beasties that I was used to. I hadn't realized how impaired the students I was working with were. I just become normal after working with people with disabilities for so long. I was amazed at how much 4 and 5 year olds can do and they couldn't. Not just ADLs but socially and emotionally too.
I asked these kids to clean up and they do it! They do it! Yes occasionally they need encouragement and reminders and they did test a bit. But it was nothing, nothing compared to my old job. It is so wonderful to have worked there.
Even in the few weeks of being there I have absorbed a lot of useful information about the High scopes curriculum they follow. Of course being summer mostly we play, swim and go on hiked but when there is a disagreement it has been very useful to me to see how the teacher responds and see how the kids do as well.
One of them this week asked me how old I was (26 for those of you who don't know) and then if that was old enough to be a grown up. I said yes. Then they responded "but you don't look like a real grown up." Not quit sure how to take that. I look young like my mom I know. It was too funny.
One more week of camp and then two weeks until classes start. Yikes! Having major panic attacks but generally hopeful that I have found my calling. Though I am well aware of the many sucky aspects of being a teacher, I hope that the positive moments will outweigh that...and I just can't see myself doing office work, becoming a nurse or whatever else...
Out of curiosity how did everyone else out there decide to purse their current line of work? I never would have imagined education for myself four years ago. It just sort of grew out of the different work and volunteer experiences I had. I also fear that I have become my mom...sound familiar ladybugus? Hehe…
I am also feeling more settled in the Keene area. My landlord invited me to their cookout this past weekend and I got to meet the neighbors. One guy has lived here in the same old house since the turn of the century.
Anyhow, off to watch Flash Gordon and Doctor Who on the Sci-Fi. Woo hoo!
Sunday, July 8th, 2007
9:36 pm
Sick of the US
I just got back from seeing Michale Moore's new movie "Sicko." If you haven't, go see it!!!

I have never been so outraged or disgusted with this country! I'm movieng to canada, or france or cuba....

Maybe we need a little french revolution to make the government give a shit about its citizens. So if I got really sick tomorrow, they can pretty much kick me out onto the street and they would, would, just let me die...God bless america.

Anyone have any ideas....?
Friday, July 6th, 2007
11:49 pm
While on one of my customary walks I almost got caught in the rain. It was kind of fun. While I was still on the hiking path the wind picked up something fierce. Huge black clouds came rolling in. I managed to make it to the library before it really started in raining. While waiting for the rain to stop I read most of this awesome book about Women and War published by Women for women International, a non profit group funded and run all by women that helps women survivors of war to rebuild their communities and earn income and to heal. They also write letters to their sponsors in other countries. Its an awesome group!
The book had a great introduction by Alice Walker and some amazing stories of survival and rebuilding despite the most horrible things having happened to these women. Made me feel darn lucky to have everything I have.

Do have to stop staying up until the wee small hours of the morning and sleeping until noon...but I love it so much.....
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