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Just got back from watching "Becoming Jane" it was really good, great garb! I so want a 19thc. Dress! (and maybe a lover to boot..hehe) Though I fear I don't have the figure. Still I have always wanted to try wearing a real corset, just to see what its like.

I knew little about Jane Austin's life and am now curious to read a biography about her to find out more. Of course I've read and enjoy her novels, and those of you who have will notice little tid bits in the movie, though if you have just seen the movies I think you will still recognize the lines from the most famous works. of...ehem..Colin Firth fame.

On a personal note, I find myself at a crossroads. I got a call this week from the Surry Village Charter School. It is about 15 minutes from my house and pays well. Though it is just an aid position it is a wonderful school! They embrace integrated learning, and have a wonderful, hands on, community based curriculum. I love the school! I have an interview Monday.

That then leaves me with grad school. The orientation for which is on Tuesday. Hmm...quite a choice. Two years spent in anticipation, preparing, applying, taking the GRE. My reservations at this stage are largely personal. Do I really want the stress and social responsibility of being a teacher? Do I have the confidence and courage to give the students what they will need? I refuse to become a teacher half ass.

In hindsight what I really wanted was out of my old job. Now I have that with prospects of a better paying, better environment job. Or are my reservations due to my lack of experience as an educator and leader and just general fear that usually comes with such a transition? Or is the universe trying to tell me something? Am I squandering my talent and potential out of fear and a desire to keep my free time. Needless I've been doing a lot of pacing and contemplating.

I can defer enrollment to Antioch for up to a year. And if I did get the job at the school it would be a great experience and confidence builder, at no financial risk, because I'd be paid, unlike in internship.

If anyone has any comments or advice, feel free...

In other news, my sister is moving to Alabama and my parents just bought another horse, excuse me, family member, her name is Ruby. Seems to be the season for big changes....

ps- The third season of Doctor Who rocks!!!!
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