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Christmas Pagents and such....

Just got back from the church Christmas pageant/ Holiday concert. Nothing like the sound of a bunch of elementary students who just learned to play jingle bells on various instraments to get you in the holiday spirit...hehe...reminds me of playing my recorder back in the day.

It was fun to see them do the Christmas story. While I flashed back to all my Christmas pageants. I think my favorite was when I got to be Mary...other than that I was usually stuck in the choir mouthing all the words....ahh, fun times. Nearly fell down the very steep and high church steps on my way out...luckily there was only one other person around to see me...hehe.

At work today as the kids finished getting ready to go home they were gathering to sit on the carpet in a closing circle. As we were sitting there waiting for the rest of the group somehow we started talking about Night at the Museum. We all then got involved in play by plays of our favorite was quite comical and a good laugh was had by all.

13 more days till Christmas!
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