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No business like show business

Just got back from the second night of my church's production of the musical "Tobit", from the book of Tobit, found in the apocrypha of the Catholic bible. It was written by a priest who started out as a stage actor before committing to a life of the cloth. It was inspired by Godspell and Fiddler.

It tells the story of Tobit, (obviously) who goes blind in a rather comical way and his son's ensuing journey to retrieve the family fortune.

It is a pretty funny show but also has some touching moments and the cast really carries the show well. Which we didn’t think would happen because things looked rather grim up until the dress rehearsals when everything came together.

It has been a crazy week with work and dress rehearsals but I really had a good time. My main responsibility is props and scene changes with the other thechies. We all dance in the wings during the final song with all the halleluiahs. So fun! I had forgotten how much I really liked being part of the theater. Originally I wanted to do costumes, which I was more familiar but it was fun to learn something new. I almost wish this could be my real job!! As they say, ' No business like show business' hehe...

Also it has been nice getting to know some people from the church. All ages are helping with and in the show. Proceeds got to benefit the youth group in a trip they are taking this summer.

It sold out tonight! The show went awesome! I noticed it had a bit less energy in some places but I really don't think it mattered. The crowd loved it and we had a blast. Only one matinee left. Kind of sad. What will I do with myself now that it’s over :(
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