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Quick, a teacher is coming!

When you hear the phrase, "quick a teacher's coming!" uttered by a group of students it is usually an indicator that you should investigate. While on my way back from lunch break I encountered the fifth and sixth grade clustered outside because there was still a teachers meeting in their room. To pass the time they decide to throw each others things and leftover lunch over the porch railing and take turns jumping over said railing to retrieve them even though they weren't wearing shoes. Gotta give them points for creativity.

As a staff member i was obliged to break up said gathering and herd them all into the 3/4 room until the end of the meeting.

While in aftercare I was treated to another stunning performance of the armpit chorus. A creative trio of boys between ages six and 10 entertained me with their rendition of pink panther and some bits of Beethoven. As it was after school hours I permitted such rudeness that otherwise is not was too funny. The one who takes violin lessons was even trying to figure out if they could make actual notes...

Its moments like this that I'll miss. We have been doing academic rotations in which I lead small groups with literacy, spelling and writing. So fun! Did forget how to explain what a suffix was today though. Dropped the ball on that one. Otherwise it has been very rewarding working with the small groups. But without the stress of putting together lesson plans.

In other news, planning a pub night this Saturday at for my birthday (which is this wed.) and St.Patrick's day.

I just finished watching the movie "Once" the song that won the oscar is from this movie. It was more like an album with pictures than a movie, but I really like the falling slowly song.
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